Twitter Adds SMS Password Reset for Forgetful Users

On Thursday, Twitter announced new security options for its site including the ability to reset your password through SMS, also known as text messaging.

"We know some of you occasionally have difficulty accessing your Twitter account, and whatever the circumstances may be, we want you to be able to get back into it quickly and securely," read the company's blog post announcing the change on Thursday. "So today we're starting to roll out two improvements that will help protect your account and restore access: one, a streamlined password reset experience; and two, better identification and blocking of suspicious logins." The blog post showed a screenshot of the reset password screen on a mobile device which asks the user "How do you want to reset your password?" and, depending on the information synced to the user's account, gives options as to how to reset the password. For those who cannot use either of the options provided, there is also a link that says "I don't have access to any of these."

In addition to the SMS reset option, Twitter has introduced some added security features to protect its users. "While we always encourage you to follow these best practices for password security, we're aware that many people reuse the same passwords across multiple sites. And when any of these sites are compromised, stolen passwords could be used to access your account on Twitter," said the company. In order to protect Twitter accounts, the site will analyze login attempts on accounts using location, device being used, and login history to identify unusual or suspicious behavior. If any activity is deemed "suspicious," Twitter will ask a personal question that, ideally, only you know.

Photo credit: screengrab