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Facebook Adds Anti-Malware Option

On Tuesday, Facebook announced that it has added free downloads of anti-malware software for users with infected devices.

Facebook Security posted, "Our goal is to make it easier for people to find and use the right technology to better protect their devices. We've worked with F-Secure and Trend Micro to incorporate free anti-malware software downloads directly into our existing abuse detection and prevention systems. These are the same systems that help us block malicious links and bad sites from among the trillions of clicks that take place every day on Facebook." The goal of this addition is to give users the tools they need to keep their information safe. Currently, this feature is only compatible with Windows desktops but more devices are expected to be added. Users are not forced to take Facebook up on this offer, though they may see the notification again if the issue is not resolved on the device.

Facebook uses a "variety of signals" to detect the infection including spam that the user's account posts. Infected users will get a popup notification offering one of the suggested products when they sign in. If they chose to take this offer, users must click Download to install and run the app. The results of the scan will be seen as a notification on Facebook and when it is finished, the software will simply uninstall itself. Since this is only a temporary solution, users are urged to have other anti-virus and anti-malware software installed on their computers. Facebook added that it plans "to offer additional software options in the future" so more partnerships like this one are to be expected.

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Good job and like the integration of Anti-Root-kit. It seem like a good update of software.

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