Riffstation Play Allows Users to Play Along with YouTube Music

An online app that can teach users how to use guitar or simply improve their skills, dubbed Riffstation, has been garnering some attention.

On Friday, TechCrunch seemed to stumble upon the YouTube compatible app. Riffstation guides users through any song on YouTube and shows chord progressions in sync with the music for guitar, ukulele, and piano. "Riffstation uses an automatic chord recognition algorithm to "listen" to the music and figure out the chords for you," explained Riffstation. This algorithm can detect major, minor, and 7th triads with close to 85 percent accuracy and gives the user an option to change keys, using the capo tool, to make the song easier to play. "Not only are we able to provide chords for any version of any song in the world, we also get to collect the data on what songs are most popular within the guitar player community," said Riffstation co-founder Dan Barry. "Furthermore, the fact that our chord recognition is automatic, means that the size of our catalog is limitless. Our index already has over 10 million songs listed."

Riffstation Play is free to use online and the pro version of the software is available for Mac and PC with a 30-day free trial. The pro version allows users to analyze songs in more detail and slow down the tempo to help users learn the music. The pro software is priced at €39.99, or $49.99, on the Riffstation website. The online app is not featured on the same site as the paid software at this time but can be found here.

Photo credit: screengrab