Apple Tipped to Enter VR Market

According to new reports, Apple is looking to hire a virtual reality developer for its own virtual reality project.

First spotted by Mashable, Apple posted a job listing looking for an "App Engineer" to design "next generation software experiences" and "create high performance apps that integrate with Virtual Reality systems for prototyping and user testing." The candidate for the position must have experience with iOS and/or OS X application development and C/C++/Objective-C development as well as experience developing apps with user interaction. Apple is also looking for someone with previous VR/AR development skills and familiarity with 3D Graphics programming such as OpenGL and DirectX. The ideal candidate will have an interest in Human Factors and User Studies, a BS or MS in Engineering, and will have experience working in "fast paced, cross functional software environments." The position is located at the company's Santa Clara Valley office.

While this position only highlights the software aspect of virtual reality, Apple may also be looking into hardware. Apple has quietly been filing virtual reality patents since 2006. Most recently, earlier this year, Apple filed a patent for a head-mounted multi-purpose goggle system for virtual reality. It is unknown if this latest patent is tied to the new job posting, though many believe that the two are connected. Historically, Apple has not been the first company to launch products but rather waits to see how it can build on others' concepts as it did with the iPhone and Apple Pay mobile payment system. Currently, Sony and Facebook-owned Oculus are the main players in the VR market, though Google recently entered the fight with its Google Cardboard app that turns Android phones into VR headsets.