BlackBerry Classic Hits Instagram

Unveiled last week, BlackBerry's newest smartphone - the BlackBerry Classic - has already made its Instagram debut, courtesy of Drake.

"Thank you Blackberry!!! Still PING squad for life," wrote Drake on Instagram over the weekend along with a picture of the new device with the cover art for his next album as the Classic's background. He also tagged members of the OVO crew in his post. Drake has expressed his love for BlackBerry before and in 2010 revealed that all of his lyrics are written on the Canadian smartphone company's devices. In his song "Say What's Real," Drake rapped, "I could get money with my eyes closed/Lost some of my hottest verses down in Cabo/So if you find a BlackBerry with the side scroll/Sell that mothaf--er to any rapper that I know." Another celebrity known for their love of BlackBerry is Kim Kardashian who has admitted to hoarding BlackBerry devices and has even expressed interest in buying the company or becoming a spokeswoman.

Despite celebrity interest and the potential for drawing in a bigger crowd by hiring Drake and Kim as spokespeople, at the APEC CO summit last month BlackBerry CEO John Chen said, "I'm not into bringing celebrities on board." He added, "It's not that it's a waste of money but a question of where you should spend the money today." For Chen, the BlackBerry Classic is a return to the company's roots, though some say that it may be too late to bring back users who abandoned BlackBerry for more multi-purpose devices like Apple's iPhone. The BlackBerry Classic is available now via Amazon and BlackBerry's online stores. Pricing and availability differs per market.

Photo: © BlackBerry.