App for Events Hits Google Play Store

Late on Monday, Google quietly released a new app on its mobile store but it is unclear if the app was meant to make its Google Play debut.

Dubbed "Interactive Events," the app appears to still be in testing. When you first launch the app, a warning pops up saying, "CONFIDENTIAL DOGFOOD Shhh! This is a CONFIDENTIAL internal dogfood version of the Interactive Events app. Do not show this to non-Googlers and do not discuss this externally." For those unaware of the term, "dogfooding" is a term for software that is being internally tested before a public release. It is possible that Google forgot to remove the dogfood warning before posting the app, but it is also possible that someone released it ahead of schedule. The app is at version 1.0.1 and requires Android 4.0 or higher, according to the listing on the Google Play Store. At the time of writing, the app has between 100 and 500 installs.

"The Google Events App will allow guests, attending events run by Google, to interact with speakers on stage, take notes, participate in Q&A, connect to social media, and request further follow up information. The app is not available at events not organised by Google," reads the app's description. Not much can be done with the app at present, but it offers the option to scan a QR code or type in a confirmation code for event information. The app will allow users to sync selected sessions of an event to their Google Calendar and the app will alert users when selected events are about to begin. The app looks similar to past Google I/O apps and may be live for the conference in May.

Photo: © Google.