Amazon Dash Makes Re-ordering Simple

On Tuesday, as not to be considered an April Fools' joke, Amazon unveiled its newest home product for Prime users: the Dash Button.

"Place it. Press it. Get it," says Amazon. The Dash Button is a thumb-sized, WiFi enabled plastic controller that allows customers to re-order their favorite essentials like toilet paper, baby formula, and laundry detergent. Each Dash Button is a different brand and Amazon has several launch partners including Clorox, Gatorade, Olay, and Huggies. Simply press the button associated with the product you need and Amazon will start an order for it. If you press the button accidentally, the order can be cancelled within 30 minutes. Amazon Prime members in the United States can request up to three buttons, free of charge. Email invitations to the Dash program have been sent to applicable Prime members. In addition to the Dash Button, Amazon unveiled the "Dash Replenishment Service," or DRS, which would allow internet-enabled devices to reorder supplies when they're running low such as ink or printers. Amazon is also offering a way integrate a Dash Button into future connected devices from brands like Brother, Brita, and Whirlpool.

"Some people will think buttons will be a silly idea, and it is a silly idea to think we will have houses full of buttons," said Kinley Pearsall, an Amazon spokeswoman. But select buttons, Pearsall argued, could make life a little easier. "You see the Tide button, you know it's for Tide and the same amount you buy every time shows up on your doorstep two days later." The Dash Button is a step, but the DRS would make Amazon a whole new service. "The real long-term goal is that you never have to worry about hitting that button," said Pearsall. Amazon users can also request an invitation from the Dash Button site.

Photo: © Amazon.