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Snapchat Adds Friend-Ranking Emojis

Via the Snap Channel in the Discover section on Monday, Snapchat announced its latest update trading "Best Friends" for "Friend Emojis."

"These emojis will change your life," said Snapchat's announcement. Previously, Snapchat's "Best Friends" list showed who you snapped the most with publically, but now it has replaced this with coded, private emojis. These emojis will still rank your friends based on how much you talk to them on the app but will only be visible on your screen of incoming snaps. The new emojis are a gold heart, grimacing face, smile, sunglasses, smirk, and fire. For example, if you see a gold heart next to a friend's name, they are the person you send the most snaps and vice versa - "you're each other's #1 BF." The fire emoji means you're on a "Snapstreak," exchanging snaps on consecutive days. Snapchat will keep track of how long the Snapstreak is going and keep you updated on how many days you've kept it up.

Also in the update, Snapchat added a new low-light camera and a "Needs Love" section. A new "Moon" icon allows users to turn on and off the new low-light mode for the app's camera. Low light pictures in Snapchat have left users wanting for some time, but this feature should help out for parties, concerts, and other low-light atmospheres. When users go to pick a friend to send a snap to, they can pick from "Recents" or "Needs Love." Recents, as the name suggests, are friends you have recently snapped with. The new Needs Love section are people you used to snap with frequently but haven't in a while.

Photo: © Creative Commons - Flickr: AdamPrzezdziek.

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