Google Maps Caught with its Pants Down

First spotted by users on Hacker News on the dawn of the Apple Watch "launch," Google Maps had a few surprises on Thursday.

Thought to be an Easter Egg made by Google, users spotted an image of an Android logo peeing on an Apple logo near the city of Rawalpindi in Pakistan. The image was reported by Cult of Android, which made the claim that Google was behind the urinating robot. After the reports started surfacing, Google responded to the situation. "The vast majority of users who edit our maps provide great contributions, such as mapping places that have never been mapped before, or adding new business openings or address changes," said a Google spokesperson in a statement. "We're sorry for this inappropriate user-created content; we're working to remove it quickly. We also learn from these issues, and we're constantly improving how we detect, prevent and handle bad edits." The image appears to have been removed at this time.

The urinating Android is believed to have been added using Google Map Maker, a tool that allows users to contribute to maps by adding useful information like street names, parks, and more. All information added to Google Maps using Map Maker is supposed to be strictly monitored but this is not the first user-made addition that should not belong. Just east of the Android relieving itself all over the Apple logo, one user added "Google review policy is crap" next to a sad face on Google Maps. Less than two weeks ago, Google Maps also had an incident regarding the White House. A snowboard shop called "Edward's Snow Den" was shown within 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. These map additions have also been removed.

Photo: © Google.