Famous Mobile Game 'Snake' is Back

The designer of Snake game has decided to bring the gem back in a new avatar.

Tanelu Armanto, the designer of the Snake game is coming back with one of the most popular mobile games, Snake, in a new form. The Snake will make a comeback as 'Snake Rewind'. The company will launch the game on May 14 and it will be available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms.

The latest sequel has been developed by Armanto and Rumilus Design. Apart from old mainframe, the game will be loaded with many new features which includes fruits and a fruit store. The introduction of a leaderboard in the game may also impress users.

The game was, however, available on the computer in late 70s but its induction in all the basic range Nokia phones made it one of the most popular games in the the world.

If you grew up in the decade of 1990 using Nokia's heavy weight cellphones, it's possible that you are in the league of the Snake fans who will certainly download the latest version.

Photo: © tn93blog.com