eBay, Amazon Face New Push from Google

According to new reports, Google plans to roll out a "Buy" button for search results in a move toward becoming an online marketplace.

Citing people familiar with the launch of the "Buy" button feature, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google will start showing the buttons when users search for products on mobile devices. The buy buttons will launch as a test within sponsored search results, often shown at the top of the page under "Shop on Google." The buy buttons will not appear with non-sponsored results driven be Google's basic search algorithm, according to the WSJ. By clicking the buy button, users will be taken to a Google product page to choose sizes, colors, and shipping options as well as complete their order. While users may not have to leave Google to make their purchases, the products will still be provided and sold by retailers. One retailer that has allegedly signed on for the feature's launch is Macy's, though the company refused to comment on the matter on Friday.

The buy button feature's existence was first reported last December. At the time, Google was said to be working on a "buy now" style button for Google Shopping, similar to Amazon's one-click ordering. It was unclear how this service would roll out at the time, but now it appears that Google has embraced mobile shopping, leaving desktop users without the shortcut. The new report did not mention Google's other reported shopping venture from December which offered retailers free two-day shipping, for an annual fee. Google has not commented on the buy button feature at this time but sources suggest the feature could roll out in "the coming weeks."

Photo: © Google.