Dmail Offers Self-Destructing Gmail Emails

NicoleMotta - July 28, 2015 - 06:03 PM

Dmail Offers Self-Destructing Gmail Emails

Last month, Google unveiled an "Undo Send" option for Gmail users but 30 seconds isn't always enough time to catch that typo - enter Dmail.

Available for free for a limited time, the Beta Dmail Chrome extension allows Gmail users to revoke access to an email at any time. Once loaded, users will get a new option within Gmail's "compose" interface to toggle Dmail on or off. With Dmail enabled, users can even schedule an email's destruction to within an hour, a day, a week, or never. Even if you select "never," it is easy to revoke recipients' access by clicking the "Revoke Email" button in your sent mail. Unlike other secure messaging products, Dmail only needs to be installed by the sender. If the recipient does not have Dmail, they will receive an email that reads, "This secure message was sent using Dmail. To view this message, simply click the button below." They will then be redirected to a web view to read the email. If an email is destroyed, the recipient will see a message that reads, "This message has been destroyed and is no longer available." A Dmail iOS app will launch in August, followed by an Android release. The company behind Dmail - Delicious - hopes to expand the feature to document attachments.

According to Dmail's Eric Kuhn, Dmails are encrypted using a standard 256 bit algorithm. "An encrypted copy of that email is sent to a datastore controlled by Dmail. The recipient of the email is sent both the location of that datastore, as well as a key to view the decrypted message," explained Kuhn. "Neither Gmail nor Dmail servers ever receive both the decryption key and encrypted message. Only the recipient and sender can read the email legibly." Dmail looks to offer Individual, Startup, and Enterprise options when the service exits Beta.

Photo: © Dmail (via Chrome Web Store).
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