Samsung Unveils SleepSense Tracker

NicoleMotta - September 4, 2015 - 05:19 PM

Samsung Unveils SleepSense Tracker

For IFA this year, Samsung is unveiling a slew of new Internet of Things devices including a new sleep tracker.

Dubbed Samsung SleepSense, the tracker is a small, flat disk that is placed under your mattress to monitor sleep and vitals like heart rate, breathing, and restlessness in real time. "Samsung SleepSense can be your personal sleep consultant. This sleep monitoring device uses patented technology to analyse your sleep quantity and quality, provides personalised sleep reports and gives you expert recommendations on how to improve your sleep - all through a mobile app," explained Samsung noting that too many of us function on less than the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, which poses health risks. With SleepSense, users are given a "sleep score" based on seven elements: total time asleep, sleep efficiency, time it took to fall asleep, number of times awake, number of times out of bed, percentage of time in REM sleep, and percentage of time in deep sleep. Users are also given expert recommendations on how to improve their sleep.

SleepSense is more than just a sleep tracker as the sensor can be connected to Samsung smart appliances and devices. "A comfortable sleep environment is crucial for good quality sleep. To do this, Samsung SleepSense can be connected to Samsung smart appliances, allowing you to control air conditioning units and to turn off the television when falling asleep - all designed to provide automatically an optimal sleeping environment," explained Samsung. "The sensor can also be connected to the Samsung SmartThings app that controls many other devices in your home such as thermostats, security cameras, and lightbulbs - all of which may affect or assist your sleeping conditions." SleepSense also offers a smart alarm to help decide the optimal time for you to wake up based on your sleep data and scheduled wake up time. Pricing and availability for SleepSense have not been announced at this time.

Photo: © Samsung.
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