Microsoft Auto-Downloading Windows 10

Microsoft Auto-Downloading Windows 10
According to new reports, Microsoft is downloading files to upgrade to Windows 10 on PCs, without asking.

After one concerned Windows user wrote in to The Inquirer, reports surfaced claiming that Microsoft is downloading the Windows 10 installation files onto user machines, whether or not they reserved a copy of the new operating system. "The symptoms are repeated failed 'Upgrade to Windows 10' in the WU update history and a huge 3.5GB to 6GB hidden folder labelled '$Windows.~BT'. I thought Microsoft [said] this 'upgrade' was optional. If so, why is it being pushed out to so many computers where it wasn't reserved, and why does it try to install over and over again?" asked the user in a statement to the publication. "I know of two instances where people on metered connections went over their data cap for August because of this unwanted download. My own internet (slow DSL) was crawling for a week or so until I discovered this problem. In fact, that's what led me to it. Not only does it download, it tries to install every time the computer is booted."

Microsoft confirmed that all users who have automatic updates turned on will receive the Windows 10 files along with security updates and bug fixes. "For individuals who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they'll need if they decide to upgrade," said Microsoft in a statement on the matter. "When the upgrade is ready, the customer will be prompted to install Windows 10 on the device."

Photo: © Creative Commons - Flickr: Matti Mattila.