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CCM Launches New Hindi Site

CCM Launches New Hindi Site
France's number one technology website, Comment Ça Marche, is now available in Hindi.

Similar to its counterparts, CCM Hindi aims to cover the technology scene on both local and global levels. The site will be produced by a team of professional journalists based in New Delhi, in collaboration with CCM Benchmark Group's extensive network of local and international journalists.

The Hindi site is the eighth international edition of CCM.net (the original edition is in French). It is also offered in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, and Dutch.

CCM Hindi is the first site in India to offer a wide range of software available for immediate download. In addition to administering downloads, the site also allows users the opportunity to raise and discuss technology-related queries in its forum (सवाल-जवाब). News sections of the site will provide information on new developments in the technology sector, and a "How To" section will host articles on navigating personal devices, systems, and platforms.

CCM Benchmark Group is France's leading independent Internet group. In addition to eight international editions of Comment Ça Marche, the company also hosts a variety of other foreign language websites, including Hayatouki, the Arab adaptation of France's Journal des Femmes - also available in Italian and Portuguese. CCM Benchmark is headquartered in Paris, France.
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Visit CCM Hindi on: http://in.ccm.net
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Why cant CCM do its website in Indian languages also? Hindi is not indigenous or original language of India, it is imposed language by Central government.

It would be really useful if CCM have websites in the original Indian languages, eg. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, where people will ACTUALLY WATCH THE WEBSITE, not just for display.

Pourquoi ne peux- CCM faire son site Web en langues indiennes aussi ? Hindi est pas langue indigène ou d'origine de l'Inde , il est la langue imposé par le gouvernement central .

Il serait vraiment utile si CCM ont des sites Web dans les langues d'origine indienne , par exemple . Tamil , Telugu , Kannada , Malayalam , où les gens seront effectivement Surveillez le site web , et pas seulement pour l'affichage.

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