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Apple App Store Let Certificate Lapse

Apple App Store Let Certificate Lapse
On Thursday, an expired Apple digital security certificate caused several Mac App Store apps to become "damaged."

From 10PM UK time on Wednesday, applications downloaded from the Mac App Store became temporarily unavailable. Users trying to open the apps were met with a warning, which prompted them to delete and re-install their apps claiming they were "damaged." While some followed the prompt, reinstalling the app was not necessarily a solution, customers found. In fact, the damage was caused by a lapsed security certificate that Apple uses to prevent piracy. The certificate causing the trouble was five years old when it expired. Apple has addressed the problem, issuing a new certificate that won't expire until 2035.

While Apple has issued a fix for the "damaged" apps, not all users have been able to get the Mac App Store and Mac apps back to normal. Some users say that a simple reboot fixed the problem, while others say they fixed their apps by logging out of the Mac App Store, and signing back in after the new security certificate was issued. Users who were unable to connect to the internet could not verify the new certificate, causing their apps to continue to be unavailable. Others were frustrated because they forgot their Apple ID password, and were unable to access the patch until remembering or resetting it. Meanwhile, some apps may still need to be deleted and reinstalled to work properly. Apple has not yet commented on the Mac App Store debacle.

Photo: © Creative Commons - Flickr: Daniel Dudek-Corrigan.
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