Samsung to Unveil Soundbar at CES

MaddiRuhl - January 4, 2016 - 12:34 PM

Samsung to Unveil Soundbar at CES

Samsung has added yet another piece of tech to its lineup for the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

Samsung always makes a big splash at CES, and this year will be no exception. So far, the web has been buzzing away about the company's Internet of Things appliances, smart TVs, and other home items, but Samsung isn't going to stop there. The company is ready to take advantage of its partnership with Dolby, and therefore, Samsung has added an innovative, cinema-grade Dolby Atmos soundbar for home media centers. With just five speakers and a subwoofer, the system does not require any ceiling-mounted hardware, and rather uses sound reflection off of the ceiling to achieve the three dimensional audio effect of being in a movie theater.

"The HW-K950's slim and sleek design uses three forward-facing and two upwards-facing speakers to produce a rich, full sound that is big enough to fill the room," explained Samsung in a press release, "yet detailed enough to deliver realistic, cinematic sounds, from an arrow shooting across the room to a hummingbird flying overhead." Of course, the speaker system has the best compatibility with other Samsung devices such as Smart TVs, and the company's smartphones and the Samsung Gear smartwatches can also be used to control the system. The sound system will be available for users to try out at CES in Central Hall. There has not yet been an announcement on pricing or availability.

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