Parrot Unveils Winged Disco Drone

NicoleMotta - January 5, 2016 - 10:09 AM

Parrot Unveils Winged Disco Drone

On Monday just before CES, Parrot unveiled its newest drone, a unique fixed-wing consumer camera drone.

"Disco is a fascinating project: a fast, smart, ultra-light drone with around 45 minutes of flight time. This will be the first 'ready-to-fly' wing-shaped drone, and the first everyone can easily pilot. Just mount the wings to the body and throw it in the air. No piloting skills are required," said Parrot in an official blog post on the new drone. Disco connects to Parrot's ecosystem via WiFi, and once Disco is in the air, it can be controlled with the Skycontroller or the Flight Plan app "using the embedded GPS for waypoints." At any time, users can put Disco into "Loiter" mode, to orbit around a specific location. Disco also features a new "Autopilot" mode. "We are designing a totally innovative piloting system based on assisted control," explained Parrot, "the computer controls the drone and the pilot can play with the pitch without the risk of a bad maneuver or a stall."

For now, Disco is still listed as a project, and Parrot has not announced a specific launch date for Disco as a product. The company hopes to make Disco available "later this year," but this goal may or may not be reached. The Disco drone features a 1080p HD, digitally-stabilized front nose camera, as well as a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, and GPS sensor. The drone can stay up in the air for around 45 minutes, and features a GPS return home option. Disco will be able to land itself using ground sensors. Pricing has yet to be determined for Disco at this time; more information is expected later this year.

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