Smartwatches Receive Luxury Overhaul

MaddiRuhl - January 6, 2016 - 09:41 AM

Smartwatches Receive Luxury Overhaul

Now that smartwatches are seeing polished features and functionality, the new race is for style.

For the smartwatch, getting established in the market has been an incredibly turbulent undertaking. The wearable has certainly seen its highs and lows since the very first models began to hit users' wrists, but at least for now, the gadget has somewhat stabilized as an item that will be around for the time being. Therefore, manufacturers are looking to expand their target markets, and are doing so by making what some might see as a garish, bulky gadget into a chic, aesthetically-pleasing accessory (that also happens to be a smartwatch). Samsung, for example, has released versions of its Gear S2 smartwatches plated in gold or platinum. Huawei has also joined in on the fun at CES with its Zircona-studded, gold-plated Jewel and Elegant smartwatch.

The idea of making a premium, luxury smartwatch that has the connectivity and features that make the wearable popular, while also being fashion-forward (particularly for at the office or in upscale enterprise environments), is nothing new. Perhaps one of the more memorable releases was Apple's "Edition" Apple Watch, which sold for thousands of dollars and packed more than 50 grams of gold. From Italian leather straps, to jeweled faces, smartwatches are certainly seeing a diversification. But don't worry, the high-impact fitness-centric versions aren't going anywhere just yet, as this wearable technology continues to evolve in the market.

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