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Apple's Smartwatch Competition

Apple's Smartwatch Competition
With a myriad of competitors surfacing at CES 2016, the Apple Watch may soon find itself in a sink-or-swim position.

When it comes to the wearables industry, the smartwatch is beginning to gain more and more attention and market expansion. For companies like Apple, this translates to increased competition, which was clearly demonstrated at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. The number of smartwatches popping up at CES indicated the growing health of the wearable market, but is also going to force Apple to rethink some of its strategies for the Apple Watch in order to stay in the game. One big issue is that of the iPhone requirement; the Apple Watch is currently more of a smartphone companion than a standalone gadget. Many users are calling for the Apple Watch to gain some independent features of its own to match competitors' offerings.

Another problem for the Apple Watch is likely the price of the wearable, with analysts stating users are turning elsewhere (with lots of other options from which to choose from) for cheaper smartwatches that do more. But more features may bring the value of the watch up to meet its price tag. And while the iPhone is a mature, polished product, the Apple Watch may take a little more attention and frequent revisions to keep users' attention, needing more than just the usual annual Apple Watch update to maintain and grow user interest. But with a new Apple Watch expected to be unveiled within the next few months, Apple has an opportunity to regain the upper hand.

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