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Twitter Promotes Celebrity Features

Twitter Promotes Celebrity Features
In a move to garner enthusiasm before the Golden Globes, Twitter has promoted new features for celebrities.

Twitter is getting ready for this weekend's Golden Globes awards by promoting a handful of celebrity-centric features. North American media head at Twitter, Kirstine Stewart, explained in an interview with Mashable, "In the past year, there's been a revolution around how people use Twitter." To adapt to the changing methods of expression of users, Stewart added, "We thought it would be interesting to develop tools to use that form of expression." According to Mashable, the three promoted features for the awards show are Twitter Mirror Challenger, Twitter Q&A, and Twitter Camera. Twitter Mirror Challenger allows celebrities to accept video challenges from users and post their responses; Twitter Q&A allows for live responses to user questions, and Twitter Camera enables celebrities to post customized photos and GIFs.

2015 was a particularly turbulent year for Twitter, leading to lots of improvements, changes, and adaptations for the social media company. In a constant state of reinvention to meet the evolving desires of its users, Twitter has made such changes as removing the cap for private message character counts (and is teasing the idea that they may do the same for regular posts). Promotional tools such as those being featured for the Globes, also offer a unique way for users to connect with their favorite celebrities in a new way, creating more momentum for Twitter to overcome its current user plateau.

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