Wearables Strong in Fitness Market

Wearables Strong in Fitness Market
While the smartwatch is still finding its place in the market, fitness wearables dominated at CES.

When it comes to wearable fitness trackers and gadgets, the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show was a clear indicator that user interest is still going strong for these devices. The leader in fitness wearables, Fitbit, was present at CES with some new (and fashion-forward) tech. Companies like Samsung and others demonstrated some outside-the-box thinking with fitness tracking clothing. CES saw smart shirts, leggings, and more, all with the capacity to connect with smart devices and monitor activity. Under Armor was also at the show, and brought along a heart rate monitor worn strapped to the chest, a smart scale, smart running shoes, and more.

When it comes to wearables, devices like smartwatches and others have had a rocky reception. From what was seen by many as a major fail for the Google Glass project, to an interestingly positive response for the premium luxury smartwatch, companies are still trying to gauge user interest in wearable tech. In the fitness market, some companies have had success with strikingly minimalist, jewelry-like devices that resemble bracelets or necklaces. But for much of this early tech, price continues to be an issue for many users. The smart activity-tracking shirt by Hexoskin, for example, costs $399. But for now, companies like Fitbit have found a comfortable (and profitable) niche with their wearables, and CES was proof that these devices aren't going anywhere soon.

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