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Zuckerberg's Vaccine Statement

Zuckerberg's Vaccine Statement
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has used his platform at Facebook's helm to make a statement about vaccines.

In a post that's garnered incredible attention, Mark Zuckerberg uploaded a picture of himself and his baby girl at the doctor's office. The picture is captioned simply enough: "Doctor's visit -- time for vaccines!" At the time of writing, this post had churned up 3.2 million "Likes," 33,000 shares, and over 74,000 comments. Before last year, Zuckerberg was somewhat quiet on social issues, but that all changed with his Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which is poised to invest approximately $43 billion into philanthropic projects. He also became more public, holding town halls where users could ask him live questions.

The vaccine controversy isn't the only divisive topic on which Zuckerberg is taking a stand. His free version of the internet, entitled "Free Basics," has been a topic of hot contention over allegations that the service violates net neutrality. According to Facebook, Free Basics is aimed to be a leg-up for users who have no access to internet, such as those living in rural villages with underdeveloped resources. However, critics state that this service violates net neutrality because of its creation of a free, limited internet (with someone, somewhere making decisions about what is offered in this version) vs. premium, paid internet with full access. While Facebook contends that any organization that would like to participate in Free Basics is welcome to do so, thereby negating any issues with net neutrality, opponents nonetheless are fiercely combating the service's launch.

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