Google Maps Teases "Driving Mode"

Google Maps Teases
In a new Maps update, Google has added a new feature called "Driving Mode," which predicts where you're going.

For most users, Google Maps is active only when directions are required to get to a new or unfamiliar destination. But Google may be looking to change that with its new "Driving Mode" feature in the new Maps v.9.19 update. Previously, users would need to type out the name of a destination to get directions in Google Maps. With Driving Mode, the app predicts where users are headed based on past location history, Google searches, and more. When enabled, the app will then supply users with helpful traffic updates, ETA's, and more without ever needing a destination keyed into the program.

Driving Mode was initially spotted by Android Police, but is not in its fully-fledged release state just yet. Many users, for example, are having a very difficult time determining how to enable the feature on their smartphones. If it becomes an official, polished element of Maps, this should certainly become simpler. This development is in line with many of Google's newest services, which use data mining to provide assistance to users at every turn, based upon what Google knows about them and their habits. Other recent projects from the company, in this effort to be ever-ready to answer user questions at the drop of a hat, include a new version of Google Glass, improvements to "OK Google," and an AI Messenger, among others.

Photo: © iStock.