Android's Google Now Launcher Update

MaddiRuhl - January 14, 2016 - 11:08 AM

Android's Google Now Launcher Update

A new Google Now Launcher has hit the Play Store, and packs features such as app icon size standardization.

There's a new Google Now Launcher available on the Play Store that cleans things up and adds some improvements to the user experience. In the past, many Android developers tended not to choose a standard size for their app icons, which could lead to a cluttered home screen. Google does provide design guidelines for app icons, however in the past, these guidelines were not enforced. With the new Google Now Launcher update, all of the app icons are forced into a standardized size to create a much cleaner effect. Additional updates include landscape rotation capabilities, accessible by turning on "Allow Rotation" from the home settings screen. While an Android Marshmallow preview teased this feature before the release of the OS, auto-rotate didn't stick. This time around, however, it is believed that the function is here for good.

There are several more small tweaks included in the new Launcher update, such as a new "Now on Tap" animation when opening or closing the feature, an additional column for apps in landscape mode, a resolved favorites tray gap, and more. The personal assistant market has been heating up, and every detail matters now that cross-platform competition is becoming more fierce. Just last month, Microsoft released Cortana for both Android and iOS, creating another option for users aside from Siri or Google Now.

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