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Electric Vehicle Battery Life Improving

Electric Vehicle Battery Life Improving
A new battery for electric cars has been unveiled by Samsung, allowing for more miles per charge.

Self-driving cars, fully electric vehicles, and smart cars loaded with intelligent operating systems to maximize transit infotainment for drivers and passengers are all the buzz at the outset of 2016, and Samsung has unveiled yet another improvement: a new electric vehicle battery prototype. "The high-density battery prototype increases the driving range of electric vehicles to 600 km (373 miles) on a single charge," explained Samsung in an official blog post. "Commercial production of the high-density cell is expected to begin by the year 2020." Aside from simply adding more miles to each charge of the battery, Samsung has also been working on a Low Voltage System (LVS) that considerably reduces carbon emissions for both electric and standard fuel cars.

It's no secret that Samsung is interested in cars. With just about every major tech player joining the next-generation vehicle industry in some way or other, Samsung is situating itself in an exceptional position as a manufacturer in several different areas of the budding market. While it has been dabbling in manufacturing parts for autonomous vehicles, the company is also in an excellent place to provide other hardware such as batteries, processors, and more. With its brand new battery plant in China, Samsung stated that it "plans to aggressively meet the diverse needs and specifications of global automakers."

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