Netflix Reinforces Geoblocks

MaddiRuhl - January 15, 2016 - 09:59 AM

Netflix Reinforces Geoblocks

To stop users from streaming content not licensed in their country, Netflix is strengthening its proxy detection.

Netflix is now a worldwide service, but that doesn't mean that all their content is globally available. Depending on licensing, some content is not available in certain countries. "The Walking Dead," is inaccessible in the UK through Netflix for example. While the company states that it is working on changing this, there are regulations in the meantime that Netflix is enforcing with stronger dedication. "If all our content were globally available, there wouldn't be a reason for members to use proxies or 'unblockers' to fool our systems into thinking they're in a different country than they're actually in," admitted Netflix VP of Content Delivery David Fullagar in an official blog post.

Last week, Netflix announced a significant expansion to 130 countries, and more and more users are using tools like VPNs to trick Netflix into thinking they are elsewhere so they can tune into shows not allowed in their country. Fullagar explained that his company is going to increasingly "employ the same or similar measures other firms do" to combat such activity, although he omitted any specifics. He did reference the 'evolving' technology used to track down this type of activity, and that it will be utilized until all Netflix's content is available globally. "We look forward to offering all of our content everywhere," he concluded. "That's the goal we will keep pushing towards."

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