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Fujifilm's Competitive New Cameras

Fujifilm's Competitive New Cameras
Fujifilm has released three new cameras sporting competitive features and WiFi capabilities.

Say hello to the newest arrivals from Fujifilm: the X-E2S, the X70, and the ground-breaking X-Pro2! Featuring a 16.3 MP sensor, ISO sensitivity through 51200, a 3-inch display, and 60 fps 1080p HD recording capabilities, the X-E2S sells at $699.95 (or $999.95 with an XF18-55mm lens included). Similarly priced, the X70 sports the same sensor and ISO sensitivity, but swaps out the X-E2S' tracking and focus advantages for a 180-degree tilting touchscreen display. At nearly twice the price, the X-Pro2 is geared towards professional photographers and packs some serious features. All three cameras will be available next month.

At a lofty price of $1,699.95, the X-Pro2 camera features a 24.3 MP sensor, a 0.08-second autofocus, an interval timer up to 999 frames, and more, all with a new X-Processor Pro image processor. Along with a slew of WiFi capabilities, the X-Pro2 can be controlled with a smartphone. "This functionality is great for a wide variety of shots, including group photos, self-portraits and animals in their natural habitat," explained Fujifilm. The camera sports one standard SD slot and one UHS-II SD slot. Filming capabilities top out at 60 fps at 36 MBPS, and the camera shoots in full 1080p HD. And the X-Pro2 is weather and freeze-resistant, which pairs well with Fujifilm's new $400 weather-resistant lens. "By combining these features with... more than 80 years as a photographic film manufacturer," added Fujifilm, "the X-Pro2 delivers the best ever results from an X-series camera."

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