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Huawei Beats Xiaomi for Global Shipments

Huawei Beats Xiaomi for Global Shipments
Reports for 2015 are in, and Huawei beat rival Xiaomi to shipping 100 million smartphones globally.

Both Huawei and Xiaomi saw growth in 2015, but Huawei received a new honor: it is now the first Chinese company with more than 100 million smartphones shipped worldwide. However, Xiaomi claims that even though Huawei took the lead globally, it still won out in their home market in China, but there is some disagreement over this. Xiaomi has still not released any specific figures. In a report to TechCrunch, Xiaomi stated that it sold "over 70 million" handsets last year, but declined to be more specific. In 2014, the company shipped 61 million smartphones, but this year despite its growth still fell short of the projected 80 million in sales.

Meanwhile, Huawei has released its own figures, and proudly reports the shipment of 108 million smartphones in 2015. This impressive sales threshold brought its yearly revenues higher than $20 billion, which represented a nearly 70% increase from 2014. Globally, the company has done a lot of work increasing its brand recognition and paving the way for entry into more markets abroad. The company released a report that states its brand awareness has increased by 87% in Portugal, 82% in Italy, and is within the top most popular smartphone brands in those countries (as well as a handful of others like Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and more). In 2014, the company won over 76,000 patents, and has plans to invest $600 million into 5G research.

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