Windows Phone Word Flow Launches for iOS

MaddiRuhl - January 18, 2016 - 09:07 AM

Windows Phone Word Flow Launches for iOS

The popular Windows Phone keyboard is in testing for iOS, and support for Android may not be too far off.

Even though the brand Windows Phone didn't fare as well as Microsoft may have wanted, that doesn't mean that users were entirely unhappy with all of the features packed into these devices (or those running Windows Mobile). In fact, one of the most applauded features of these phones is the Word Flow keyboard, and Microsoft is now considering bringing this feature to iOS. Microsoft has already sent out a round of emails for a beta run of Word Flow for iOS, and the emails hint that the company is also "working on extending the keyboard to other platforms." From a highly-accurate typing interface, to swipe typing, to accurate autocorrecting, and more, Word Flow won accolades in its native OS, and lots of users are pleased to hear the feature may be moving on to their systems.

Word Flow isn't the only feature that Microsoft has been busy expanding to more operating systems. Recently, the company also released Cortana for iOS and Android, and has done the same for Outlook. This means that Microsoft is far from out of the mobile game. It is making an impact in a different way than the company had anticipated: expanding software and features for other operating systems beyond Windows Mobile. Currently, Microsoft has not made any noise about any official Word Flow Android trials.

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