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Battery Bug Plagues iPhone 6s Line

Battery Bug Plagues iPhone 6s Line
In a new support document, Apple has admitted that its iPhone 6s devices may be affected by a battery meter bug.

"If you change the time on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus manually or change time zones when traveling, you might notice that the battery percentage doesn't update," explained Apple on their support page. To fix this, Apple suggests that users restart their device and turn on the "Set Automatically" option for the date and time setting. "If this happens again and you didn't change the time or time zone on your device, contact Apple Support," said the company, adding that "Apple is aware of this issue and is investigating the cause and a solution." While Apple only acknowledged the bug earlier this month, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users have been complaining about this issue since 2015. Apple is expected to fix this issue in its upcoming iOS 9.3 update.

Currently, the iOS 9.3 beta update is only available for developers and testers. Apple unveiled the 9.3 beta last week, bringing out new features like TouchID protection for Notes and Night Shift. "This latest iOS release adds numerous innovations to the world’s most advanced mobile operating system," said Apple. "There are improvements to a wide range of apps, along with great new additions to CarPlay. iOS 9.3 may even help you get a good night’s sleep." The new Night Shift feature "automatically shifts the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier on your eyes" when the sun sets at your current location. In the morning, the display reverts back to its regular settings. Other features include CarPlay, Health, and News updates.

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