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Samsung's Dated Phones Violate Patents

Samsung's Dated Phones Violate Patents
A new ruling in the Apple vs. Samsung patent war bans Samsung from selling several dated devices.

In the battle over patents with Apple, Samsung has lost this round. However, the losses aren't as severe as they could be, as the tech giant has been banned from selling devices that are mostly out of circulation. In a decision made yesterday, US District Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Samsung could no longer sell devices in the US such as the Galaxy S3. Also included on the list were the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Note and Note 2, and several other gadgets which are no longer prominent in today's market. Koh has been working on the Samsung and Apple patent disputes for several years, including the massive six-patent violation case in 2013 that ended with Samsung paying Apple over $1 billion in damages.

Patent disputes surrounding Samsung's Galaxy phones are no new event, and both Apple and Samsung have had their share of victories. Last summer, a handful of tech giants, including Google, Dell, Facebook, eBay, and HP, joined together and filed a "friend of the court" brief, siding with Samsung. Mixed rulings arose from Apple's previous accusations that Samsung copied the look and feel of the iPhone. Apple has successfully defended a number of its patents in the past several years, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements flowing from Samsung to Apple.

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