Mobile Phones to Become Implants

NicoleMotta - January 20, 2016 - 11:07 AM

Mobile Phones to Become Implants

According to a new survey from the World Economic Forum, industry experts see implants in technology’s future.

"How people connect with others, information and the world around them is being transformed through a combination of technologies. Wearable and implantable technologies will enhance people’s digital presence, allowing them to interact with objects and one another in new ways," explained the World Economic Forum’s council. They estimate that this implantable technology is expected by 2023, with wearable internet available by 2022. "Pacemakers and cochlear implants were just the beginning of this, with many more health devices constantly being launched," explained the World Economic Forum. Other implantable technology may include smart tattoos, implanted smartphones, brainwave communication, and more. Experts warn that this technological shift may lead to increased technology addiction, privacy concerns, increased distractedness, and decreased data security.

Another prediction of the council of industry leaders is that, by 2026, one out of every 10 cars on US roads will be autonomous. "Trials of driverless cars from large companies such as Audi and Google are already taking place," explained the council. About 79% of respondents expected this tipping point to take place in the next decade. "These vehicles can potentially be more efficient and safer than cars with people behind the steering wheel. Moreover, they could reduce congestion and emissions, and upend existing modes of transportation and logistics." While there are many positive impacts that this technology could bring, experts warn that there may be job losses, decreased car ownership, changes to the legal structure of driving, and potential cyberattacks against these vehicles. While experts may agree on a timeline for these types of upcoming technology, they are still just concepts at this time and may not roll out according to this schedule.

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