Netflix Cracks Down on Australian VPN

Netflix Cracks Down on Australian VPN
After its warnings of cracking down on geoblock violations, Netflix has disrupted an Australian VPN service.

Following a major expansion to 130 additional countries this month, Netflix announced that it will be reinforcing geoblocks, or making sure that users aren't watching content that is blocked in their country. One way of accessing blocked content is through a VPN that makes a user appear to be in a different country, thereby tricking the Netflix servers, and opening up content otherwise unavailable in their area. However in Australia, the effects of Netflix' new VPN and proxy detection methods are becoming apparent. Many Australian users had taken to running "uFlix" to change their IP and DNS settings and view American content. Now, some users are receiving an on-screen message from Netflix that states they "seem to be using an unblocker of proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again."

While Netflix has stated that its eventual goal is to open up all of its content globally, the company admits that until that time, it will need to enforce regional-specific content blocks as per its contracts with licensors. However, VPN groups like uFlix are bolstering their stance as well, and many have come forth to state that they will continue to work around Netflix' blocks. "We are working on a solution to get around these new measures," explained uFlix, "and apologize for the inconvenience to those who are currently only getting Australian Netflix."

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