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Spotify to Launch Video this Week

Spotify to Launch Video this Week
Reports from the Wall Street Journal reveal that Spotify is planning to launch video for Android this week.

After one year of testing, Spotify is ready to launch its new video feature in the coming week, according to the Wall Street Journal. In an interview with the WSJ, Spotify Product VP Shiva Rajaraman explained that the testing phase of their video feature is over, and that they are ready to go live. Android is reported to receive the new feature this week, with iOS to follow next week. The first countries to see the rollout will be the US, UK, Sweden, and Germany. Content will likely include pieces from networks such as BBC, ESPN, Comedy Central, and more. Rajaraman added that Spotify would deliver the content in snippet form.

Rather than trying to recoup losses or revive business, Rajaraman stated that the move to add video to Spotify was primarily devised to give users more of what they want. Indeed, last year the company celebrated some impressive milestones, including surpassing 75 million active users and 20 million paying subscribers. As for Spotify's presentation methods, Rajaraman said their research demonstrated that users want to view clips related to their music choices, although reception of those videos was only successful with a proper balance (overwhelming users with video options seemed to spur disinterest). If the company has discovered a winning formula, the video feature could easily place the music streaming company one step ahead of its competition.

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