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Samsung Launches New Classic Gear S2

Samsung Launches New Classic Gear S2
On Monday, Samsung announced the global launch of its hotly anticipated Gear S2 Classic New Edition smartwatches.

The redesigned Gear S2 Classic smartwatches were unveiled at CES earlier this month and will begin their rollout in China, with more countries to follow. "To reflect Samsung's commitment to bringing more choices to consumers, the reintroduction of the Gear S2 Classic takes the intuitive, award-winning design of the Gear S2 and incorporates high-end materials and two unique finishes: 18K Rose Gold and Platinum," said Samsung in its launch announcement. The rose gold variant comes with an ivory leather band and the platinum smartwatch features a black leather band. Both premium variants have the same specs as the standard Gear S2 Classic as well as the same bezel design. "Additionally, a new suite of stylish watch faces that feature Peanuts characters and artwork by creatives such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, provides a more personalized wearable experience and allows consumers to easily express their personality with a simple twist of the bezel."

Samsung did not reveal any pricing for the newly launched smartwatches, but both premium devices have been spotted for pre-order in Europe. According to these early pre-orders, the new variants will be priced at €480 in Europe, or $520 when they come stateside. Samsung has not confirmed these prices at this time. While these prices are nearly double the Gear S2's base price, they are a fraction of the price of other premium-looking smartwatches, such as the gold Apple Watch. Apple's gold device is solid gold while Samsung’s offering is plated but $500 is a significant decrease from $17,000.

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