"3D Touch" Coming to Androids

Last year, Huawei used HiDeep's 3D Touch technology in the Mate S and now the feature is coming to more Androids.

"We started developing the technology around May 2011, so we really took almost four years in the making," said HiDeep CEO Brian Ko, in a recent interview with ZDNet. "When the Apple Watch came out, I knew they would put 3D Touch in their next phone. It's natural that something like Force Touch will eventually come to the UX, if you really think about it." HiDeep wanted to beat Apple to the punch, hoping to avoid being called a "me-too" company. Through 2014 and 2015, HiDeep pitched the concept to several technology companies before choosing Huawei to launch the technology. "Top management from Huawei came weekly, starting in February. They overhauled the whole design for the Mate S to accommodate 3D Touch," said Ko. "I asked them, 'Can you do it before Apple?' And they said yes." He added, "We did with 60 people what Apple did with 100,000."

"Within the first half of this year, every touch technology firm needs to say: 'We also have 3D Touch.' Because if they don't, they will lose their smartphone clients," said Ko. HiDeep's 3D Touch technology is called Aulu Z; Aulu means "embracing all" in Korean and the Z stands for the z-axis used to show three dimensional objects. Ko believes that 80 percent of all high-end phones released this year will have some kind of 3D Touch technology and says that he expects HiDeep's revenue to increase tenfold in 2016. He added, "The 3D Touch war in smartphones is brewing for 2016."

Photo: © iStock.