Microsoft Launches News Pro for iOS

Microsoft Launches News Pro for iOS
On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled a new industry-related news app from the Microsoft Garage for the web and iOS.

Dubbed "News Pro," this app delivers a personalized news feed based on your profession, and is powered by Bing. The articles are gathered from more than 10,000 publishers and bloggers to create a custom news experience. "While we can easily locate top headlines that keep us in the know with trending events," said Yumao Lu, a principal dev manager for News Pro, "it’s harder to search for insightful news under the hood about my company, its competitors, and their products that may not be interesting to the general public but significant to me and a handful of people." To help bridge this gap, News Pro includes personalization options for news about more than 100,000 companies, big and small, and the app even suggests new topics based on your current interests.

"Ensuring the user receives quality news highlights in the first page was one of our biggest obstacles," said News Pro's lead engineer and release manager Ling Li. "Locating the most relevant and interesting articles for each individual user according to their interests – as well as making sure the search results are for fresh news – is really hard." Users can sign in using their Facebook account, and the app will provide personalized news highlights. Users can move beyond the app's recommendations and unfollow topics as needed. The app is available on iOS and the web at this time. It is unclear if Microsoft has bigger plans for News Pro, but the company will "continue to evolve and improve" the app based on user feedback.

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