Safari Plagued by Global Crashes

NicoleMotta - January 27, 2016 - 11:12 AM

Safari Plagued by Global Crashes

On Wednesday, iOS and OS X users across the globe reported that Apple's Safari browser is having crashing issues.

The problem lies in a bug in Safari's search suggestions, according to iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who responded to the social media outcry over the crashing browser. According to Mashable, the bug appears to affect users running Safari on iOS 8 and 9, along with the latest version of OS X, though the full extent of the bug is unclear. Other reports claim the bug affects all versions of iOS and OS X, citing hundreds of Reddit and Twitter comments on the crashing browser. For a temporary fix to this issue, users can disable the suggestions feature. Users can also browse in private mode to get around this bug, or simply download another browser until the bug is patched. Apple reports no current issues on its status page at the time of writing, and has yet to comment on this browser bug.

The Safari search suggestion bug comes just days after the browser was targeted by a prank website that crashed not only the browser, but caused users' devices to reboot. The link, which is, overloads the browser with an ever-increasing string of code. After about 20 seconds of trying to load on an iPhone, it will force the device to reboot and significantly heat up. A similar situation occurs when the site is loaded on an iPad, and even Androids running Chrome are slowed down by the prank site. Desktop and laptop computers are also affected by the site, which causes Safari to crash and slows down Chrome. Should users fall victim to this prank site, they can simply reboot their browsers or devices.

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