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Wefre Promises Ad-Free Music Streaming

Wefre Promises Ad-Free Music Streaming
A new music service has surfaced which promises ad-free music streaming... for free.

When it comes to music streaming services, developers are constantly looking to lure users with the best offers of the most content, the best content, the lowest price, and the fewest ads. Meet Wefre: the newest attempt at totally free (and ad-free) music streaming. The service is already available online, but the developers are looking to expand the service to iOS and Android with a Kickstarter campaign. While the web is already buzzing about the legality of such a service, the developers assert that Wefre is legal, and "powered by Youtube."

While users continue to mull over legal concerns regarding the service, Wefre does have some perks against its competition (aside from being free). The UI is sleek and simple, sporting a streamlined, uncluttered feel. And according to its developers, Wefre works by using public APIs from both YouTube and Spotify. Whether this is a genuine, legitimate use of these APIs, or a loophole that the developers discovered which will only close in a matter of time, remains to be seen. But for now, at least, there may only be the web version with which to contend; with 18 days remaining in the Kickstarter campaign, Wefre still needs to raise over $3000 to meet its goal for Android and iOS development. With so much crackdown on pirated music sites and platforms in recent months, it is possible that users are simply increasingly wary of the promise of a free lunch.

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