Apple iPad Air 3 Rumors

MaddiRuhl - January 28, 2016 - 10:59 AM

Apple iPad Air 3 Rumors

According to reports from 9to5Mac, Apple will be unveiling their latest iPad Air tablet in March.

Apple's March show is approaching, and the web is buzzing about what the tech giant may unveil. Previously, the rumors centered on a 4-inch iPhone and a new iWatch, but now, a report from 9to5Mac indicates that Apple may also be showing off its latest iPad Air. Likely to be dubbed the iPad Air 3, the new tablet has some leaked specs now circulating around the web. The iPad will allegedly sport a 9.7-inch 4K display, support for Apple Pencil, and 4 GB RAM. These specs were partly corroborated by Digitimes, which also reported that the new iPad will indeed make its debut in March. At the time of writing, Apple had not confirmed any of these reports.

As far as the rumored 4-inch iPhone, 9to5Mac suggests that the gadget will receive an NFC chip, improved cameras, and run on an A9 processor, all within the company's classic metal build. Aside from buzz about the upcoming March show, Apple enthusiasts are even looking as far out as the iPhone 7 release in late 2016. If Apple's every-other-year rhythm holds true for structural changes to the iPhone, the 2016 model should receive some major overhauls (as opposed to mostly software-centric updates). One of the biggest rumored structural changes is said to be the removal of the standard audio jack in favor of a universal Lightning port. However, with the upcoming March event, and lots more gadgets to be unveiled and teased before the fall, Apple enthusiasts will have plenty to keep them busy in the interim.

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