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iPhones to Get All-New Wireless Charging

iPhones to Get All-New Wireless Charging
According to new reports, Apple's future iPhones and iPads may feature an all-new type of wireless charging.

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported late on Thursday that Apple is working with various companies to develop new wireless charging technology that could work from a greater distance than today's charging mats. The new technology would allow devices to be charged inches to feet away from the charge pad. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working with partners in the US and Asia to overcome "technical barriers including loss of power over distance" with the technology. Currently, the efficiency of the wireless charger decreases as the distance between the transmitter and device increases, extending the amount of time it takes to charge the device, said the sources who asked to remain anonymous (as Apple's plans are private).

The sources say that Apple may incorporate this technology as soon as 2017, making this year's iPhone 7 possibly the last Apple smartphone to be tethered to a wall charger. Apple has been applying for wireless charging patents for years, including one back in 2010 that proposed using an iMac as a charging hub that could wirelessly charge devices in a 1-meter radius using near-field magnetic resonance. A similar type of technology is currently employed in the Apple Watch, although this charger only works within millimeters of the transmitter. The rumored wireless charging tech may be featured in the upcoming iPhone 7s or iPhone 8, if the company decides to move forward with it. Apple has not commented on these reports at this time.

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