Samsung Announces Unpacked 2016 Details

NicoleMotta - February 1, 2016 - 11:00 AM

Samsung Announces Unpacked 2016 Details

On Monday, Samsung sent out its Galaxy Unpacked 2016 invitations and released a teaser video for the event.

Samsung's Galaxy "Unpacked" 2016 event has an official date: February 21. The tech giant will hold the event at 7 p.m. CET in Barcelona, Spain, just one day ahead of the Mobile World Congress. Samsung has held its Galaxy launch event ahead or at the start of the MWC main event for the last two years, so the timing isn't too surprising. Samsung is expected to launch two to three new Galaxy S7 models, including a standard, flat-screened S7 and an S7 edge. Rumors of a larger Galaxy S7+ have also been circulating, though Samsung may wait to launch the larger tablet at a later date, like it did with the Galaxy S6 series. Other reports suggest the new S7 series could be water resistant or feature a pressure sensitive screen.

While Samsung is expected to debut its new Galaxy S7 devices at the upcoming event, the company's teaser video has major emphasis on its virtual reality headset. The video's tagline reads, "Get ready to rethink what a phone can do," and this means VR. Based on this teaser video, Samsung is believed to be adding some new VR features to its upcoming smartphones or may be planning a live VR launch for those not present at the Barcelona event, like OnePlus has done in the past. The teaser trailer is only 14 seconds long, and features a man putting on a Gear VR headset in his home. The man then reaches out for a glowing box in the virtual world and "#TheNextGalaxy" appears over the box followed by the event's date.

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