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Apple Relaunches iPhone Gallery Campaign

Apple Relaunches iPhone Gallery Campaign
Following last year's "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign, Apple is making it an annual tradition, this time on iPhone 6s.

The new ad campaign, according to Time, will start with 53 images from 41 amateur and professional photographers from across the globe. The images will be featured on billboards in 85 cities across 26 countries starting January 31. Last year's campaign had varied content, including stunning landscapes, but this year Apple has taken a focus on portraits. An Apple spokesperson explained that the gallery this year looks to show people in everyday moments of beauty and most of the images feature subtle, everyday moments. All of the images in the gallery were shot on the new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, just as last year's images were all taken with the iPhone 6 line. Apple notes that these images are "without filters, adjustments, or retouching."

One of the featured photographers, Erin Brooks, told Time, "I honestly couldn’t believe that they contacted me. Photography for me, has been a huge creative outlet. It has taught me so many things about telling a story with an image, capturing someone’s personality, and it helped me move out of my postpartum depression… Taking photos of my daughters, and their blossoming connection of sisterhood, helped me get well. I started to notice the pure beauty of my life, and connect with it, and with them, on an even deeper level." The iPhone 6s Photo Gallery is live online now and features photos and videos shot with the 6s series.

Photo: © iStock.
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