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Facebook Overhauls News Feed

Facebook Overhauls News Feed
On Monday, Facebook announced that it is once again updating its News Feed, this time based on surveys.

"The goal of News Feed is to show you the stories that matter most to you," said Facebook software engineers Cheng Zhang and Si Chen in a blog post. "As part of our ongoing effort to improve News Feed, we asked over a thousand people to rate their experience every day and tell us how we can improve the content they see when they check Facebook — we call this our Feed Quality Panel. We also surveyed tens of thousands of people around the world every day to learn more about how well we’re ranking each person’s feed." Using this research as "a representative sample of people," Facebook is making ranking changes for content. "We saw through our research that people reported having a better News Feed experience when the stories they see at the top are stories they are both likely to rate highly if asked and likely to engage with," explained the software engineers. "We are making an update to News Feed that combines these two signals."

For users, this change may go unnoticed. "The impact of these changes on a story's distribution will vary depending on the composition of your audience and your posting activity," explained Facebook. The update may impact the traffic of some Pages, either increased or decreased. Pages are urged to "avoid encouraging people to take an action (such as encouraging lots of clicks), because this will likely only cause temporary spikes in metrics that might then be rebalanced by a feed's ranking over time."

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