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YouTube Developing Live 360 Videos

YouTube Developing Live 360 Videos
According to new reports, YouTube has been in talks with 360-degree camera manufacturers for 360 live streaming.

First reported by BuzzFeed News citing multiple sources familiar with the company's plans, YouTube is looking to bring live-streamed 360-degree video broadcasts to its platform. YouTube already offers immersive 360-degree imagery and videos via Google's virtual tours and Cardboard, but live 360-degree videos would take things to the next level. Currently, only a select number of 360-degree cameras are even capable of this feat and the video quality is low. Most 360-degree cameras shoot several videos simultaneously and only combine the footage once filming has stopped, making them less-than-ideal for a live stream but great for uploading later. YouTube may be discussing industry standards or talking only to companies whose cameras can produce the live-streamed videos. YouTube has not commented on this report at this time and it is unclear when or if the feature will launch.

While YouTube is rumored to be working on live-streamed 360-degree video broadcasts, Google is believed to be working on its own VR camera. Spotted over the weekend, Google's Cardboard team is looking for a hardware engineer for VR camera systems. The job posting reads: "You will develop opto-electro-mechanical system concepts in conjunction with various architecture leads before reducing them to schematics. Then, you see those schematics turned into finished boards and are responsible for the initial bring up of the hardware with the help of embedded Software Engineers." Google's job board also revealed that the company is looking for VR software engineers and a consumer hardware manager for "high-performance, battery powered, highly constrained consumer electronics products."

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