Twitter Addresses Algorithmic Reports

NicoleMotta - February 8, 2016 - 11:56 AM

Twitter Addresses Algorithmic Reports

Over the weekend, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded to reports that Twitter would adopt an algorithm for feeds.

"Hello Twitter! Regarding #RIPTwitter: I want you all to know we're always listening. We never planned to reorder timelines next week," tweeted Dorsey on Saturday. "Twitter is live. Twitter is real-time. Twitter is about who & what you follow. And Twitter is here to stay! By becoming more Twitter-y." Noting specific "Twitter-y" features, Dorsey said, "Look at 'while you were away' at the top of your TL. Tweets you missed from people you follow. Pull to refresh to go back to real-time," and added, "I *love* real-time. We love the live stream. It's us. And we're going to continue to refine it to make Twitter feel more, not less, live!"

According to The Verge, the rumored algorithm is like an expanded version of Twitter's "while you were away function" rather than like Facebook's algorithm as earlier reports had suggested. How long you are away from Twitter will determine how far back your highlights will go. To switch back to reverse-chronological order, simply pull down to refresh the stream. The Verge also compared the feature to Reddit's homepage, which shows the most popular things first then in reverse-chronological order. According to NBC News' Director of Branded Content, Josh Sternberg, sources at Twitter revealed that any algorithms will be strictly opt in on the social network, but did not deny that new algorithms may be coming. In his own statement on the matter, former CTO of Facebook Bret Taylor, said, "Algorithmic feed was always the thing people said they didn't want but demonstrated they did via every conceivable metric. It's just better."

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