Instagram Adds Multiple Account Support

NicoleMotta - February 9, 2016 - 10:43 AM

Instagram Adds Multiple Account Support

On Monday, Instagram announced that it is adding support for multiple accounts in its Android and iOS apps.

"Starting this week, you can quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts on Instagram!" said Instagram in a blog post on the new feature. "Go to your profile settings to add an additional account. From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts. Once you have multiple accounts added, you'll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one you're using at the moment." The company said the new feature will be included as part of the Instagram version 7.15 update for iOS and Android. Users should start seeing the update this week though some iOS users have reported seeing the update as of last week.

Multiple account support has been one of the most requested features from Instagram users, leading many to turn to third-party clients to post to multiple accounts simultaneously. However in November, Instagram announced new changes to its developer guidelines, a change that would cut off many third-party applications for the platform. Those affected by the changes will lose access to Instagram's API by mid-2016. Existing developers can submit their app for approval under the new guidelines no later than June 1, 2016, but many will not be eligible. With this new feature added to Instagram's official portfolio, the company's changes shouldn't be as hard of a hit for the platform's more than 400 million users.

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