Video Ads Should Be Silent Says Facebook

NicoleMotta - February 11, 2016 - 12:11 PM

Video Ads Should Be Silent Says Facebook

On Wednesday, Facebook announced a new strategy for video ads: silenced, but captioned.

"People now watch over 100 million hours of video on Facebook each day and each moment counts for advertisers. According to independent Fors-Marsh tests, people can recall mobile News Feed content after seeing it for only a quarter of a second. The value of your video ad — whether you're measuring ad recall, brand awareness, or sales — happens quickly and increases with duration," said Facebook in a post on it's Facebook for Business page. While mobile ads can work in advertisers' favor, Facebook added, "In mobile-feed environments, people prefer having the choice to opt in to sound. Our research found that when feed-based mobile video ads play loudly when people aren't expecting it, 80% react negatively, both toward the platform and the advertiser." So what's an advertiser to do? Facebook says, "Captions."

According to its own tests, Facebook claimed that captions work to hold users' attention in mobile ads and lead to a more positive response than ads that require sound. "Internal tests show that captioned video ads increase video view time by an average of 12%, so we're soon releasing a new tool that makes adding captions to video ads easier than ever," said Facebook. "Previously, advertisers were only able to add captions to Facebook video ads by embedding captions or uploading their own caption files. But soon, advertisers can choose to have captions added automatically." Advertisers will be able to review and edit these automated captions before publishing their video ads.

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