Virtual Reality to Get Standalone Viewer

NicoleMotta - February 12, 2016 - 11:50 AM

Virtual Reality to Get Standalone Viewer

According to new reports, Google is working on a VR headset that eliminates the need for a connected PC or phone.

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Google was working on a Gear VR-like Cardboard successor and now, sources say the tech giant may be working on a headset not be powered by a smartphone, laptop, or gaming console like existing virtual reality headsets. According to these sources, the VR headset will feature its own screen, high-powered processors, and a pair of outward-facing cameras. The headset will also feature Movidius chips that use the camera feed to track head motion. Movidius confirmed that it has a "business relationship" with Google but declined to comment on these reports. This peripheral-free VR headset is believed to be in the early development stages and may not be unveiled this year, or at all. The standalone headset is in development alongside the rumored Cardboard successor.

Coming as soon as May 2016, Google's Cardboard successor is expected to take a more high-end approach to virtual reality. The new Cardboard headset is reported to be made of plastic, rather than cardboard, and will include computer chips and sensors. The headset will still require a smartphone but Android itself is getting a makeover to help with VR support. Reports claim that Google will release the new native Android VR software at the same time as the new Cardboard. Google has yet to make anything official on its upcoming virtual reality projects. The company may make these announcements at its annual I/O conference which is scheduled to start on May 18.

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